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T800 Ultra 2 Series 9 Smart Watch


  • Connect to mobile phone
  • Bluetooth version of BT. V5.0 for a smooth and powerful experience
  • Elegant design and identical to the latest Apple Watch, with a screen size of 2.0 inches, type IPs, with a
  • resolution of 385*385 pixels.
  • Heart Rate and G-sensor
  • Supports All Android Devices | iOS via Wear Fit Pro app
  • Measures blood pressure and blood oxygen, as well as heart rate
  • Supports sports activity mode with crash and pre-crash alarm
  • 280 mAh battery for continuous use that lasts 2-4 days of use

How to use BT call
The Bluetooth call function requires dual Bluetooth signal support, so you need to connect twice according to the instructions:
①Scan the QR code on the manual through the mobile phone browser, download the dedicated app, and turn on the mobile phone BT. Find and connect the device in the app. Confirm binding
②Find the device in the Bluetooth of the mobile phone (check the device name in the watch to check the device information), and select the connection and pairing

Package including:
1*Smart Watch
1*wireless charging
1*User Manual


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T800 Ultra 2 Smartwatch With Gesture Features Series 9

T800 Ultra 2 Smartwatch, a cutting-edge marvel that seamlessly combines style and innovation. The T800 Ultra 2 Smartwatch stands as a testament to the evolution of smartwatches, with a particular emphasis on Gesture Features that redefine the way you interact with your device. At the forefront of this technological masterpiece is the T800 Ultra 2 Smartwatch, a beacon of innovation in the wearable industry. This smartwatch transcends traditional boundaries, offering users an unparalleled experience through its advanced Gesture Features and a Series 9 IPS HD Full Screen.

The T800 Ultra 2 Smartwatch is not just a timekeeping device; it’s a revolutionary companion designed to enhance your daily life. The Gesture Features take center stage, allowing you to navigate through the smartwatch’s functionalities with intuitive hand movements. From answering calls to scrolling through notifications, the Gesture Features provide a seamless and futuristic interaction experience.


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